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Where loving hearts and open minds are welcome!




Sunday Service

11.30 am

Rev Chris Wilson preaching


Pictured above is our lovely church and below just some members of our growing church family - and even more joined this year. Our is a growing and friendly church.

We now have around 200 families 'on the books'. If you are looking for a liberal Christian church, open-minded and open-armed, then look no further!

Now really, what's stopping you?

Pictured below is our wonderful church. It was built in 1770, with some of the families who have recently joined us in the photograph. The church is lovely inside, having recently been restored.. Why don't you come visit one Sunday and have a look? Rev Chris would be delighted to show you around. Just ask! 

Pictured above is our Minister and current Church Committee, Below is a picture of our Session  (with friends). We have an excellent team, all of them hard-working and  good friends as well.  Each keen to share what it means to be a 'non-subscriber'. Unlike many churches these days we have a full Committee and a full Session, and always welcome the involvement of all members in the life, work and witness of our church.

The church family is very important at Moneyreagh, whether gathering for worship as shown above. 

Below are some of the wonderful children (and leaders) from the Rainbows,Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Guides at a recent Service held to encouage their good work. We are keen to support our community groups.

Pictured above is a Baptism at our church. We are always delighted to baptise a child, regardless of family circumstances.

We never turn any child away. 

Above, Anne Tweed presenting new pew Bibles to Rev Chris at a recent church service. Many of these were dedicated in the memory of loved ones. A very special day for the church. The translation, by the way, is the 'New Living Translation', which we have all grown to love.

Rev Chris and wife, Sandra above taking a Service at our sister church in Dromore (whilst serving as Moderator to the General Synod). Supporting other parts of our denominational family is important to Moneyreagh.


The Irish Council of Churches

(Our friends in other chuches) 

Liberal Christians in the

 United Reformed Church 

You can find us on facebook.
Just look for the Moneyreagh

Please come visit us there!

Christian Churches working

together to help others 

Our rather wonderful denomination:

The Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland 

Welcome to Moneyreagh

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church.

Ours is a liberal Christian community which welcomes all, excluding none.

History & Geography

Moneyreagh Church was established in 1719 (current building 1770), and is situated 7 miles south of Belfast in the beautiful countryside of County Down.

Our Faith and Services

Jesus is Lord! That's where we start...

We are disciples of Christ.

We believe in a thoughtful, generous and inclusive Christianity, encouraging love of God and of neighbour (that's what we mean by the word 'liberal').

No one is expected to sign-up to any creedal statement or submit to any test of faith, as a condition of church membership (that's what we mean by 'non-subscribing'!)

All who would love God and follow Christ are welcome here - and we mean 'all', no exceptions! Regardless of religious background, age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, or anything else you can think of... 

Everyone is welcome here.... we mean it!

We hold weekly services each Sunday at 11.30 am (on the 3rd Sunday in the month, the Sunday School children join us in our special monthly Family Service).

The Lord's Supper is celebrated twice a year (1st Sunday in May and 1st Sunday in November). All are welcome to share in this simple memorial act. The Lord's Supper recalls Christ and all he said and did.

We affirm the two Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper as being necessary for Salvation.

Rev Chris is pleased to receive enquiries regarding marriage, blessings, and baptism (Christening), or any other special service - please do get in contact.

Regular church groups:

Bible Study,

Meditation & Prayer Group

Mums and Babies, Coffee and Cake Club

Moneyreagh Ladies' Group, 'The Ladybirds'

Sunday School 10.15 am, every Sunday (except 3rd Sunday)

Please contact Rev Chris for details.

Tel. 07729 178093  or email

A different church!

That's what we are trying to be.

A church which takes worship and pastoral care seriously.

A church which won't tell you what to think, but will encourage you to think for yourself.

A church which sees something of God in all people.

A church which doesn't 'do' Hell or Judgement (enough do that already), but which does challenge all to be true Christ-followers.

So, whether you're new to the area or new to worship, we'd love you to join us - you'd be assured of a friendly welcome!

We ask only that you honour and respect the diversity in belief and backgrounds of those that make up our growing and rather special church family, the Moneyreagh Non-Subscribers: free-thinkers, and loving souls, each and all following Christ - after all, deeds not creeds show the Christian.

Learn more about us. 

By clicking on the above, or on 'contact' at the top of this page. You can also find about us by looking at the websites with whom we are linked, just click on the symbols (below left, just scroll down), and enjoy exploring!

Thank you for visiting our website,but  why not visit us in person, we really are a friendly lot, and we'd love to meet you!

Finally, a bit about our minister

Rev Chris Wilson (left) has been in ministry since 2003. From 2003 to 2009, he originally served with the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches in England; with ministries at Norwich, Great Yarmouth and in Multi-Faith Chaplaincy at Cambridge Regional College.

Chris resigned from the Unitarian and Free Christian ministerial roll after being Ordained as a Presbyterian minister with the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland on 12th December 2009. He began his ministry at Moneyreagh on 1st January 2010.

Chris has a broadly orthodox Christian faith. But objects to mandatory subscription to man-made creeds or confessions as being both unhelpful and unnecessary.

Chris believes that we must all have space to think and grow in faith; finding our own language to express how God is revealed as Father, in His Son, Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit. It is that desire to express Christianity in open,thoughtful and creative terms, as well as to be open to 'on-going revelation' and to 'New Light' that makes Chris' Christianity 'liberal'.

Chris currently is Minister for Moneyreagh Non-Subscribing Presbyterian church. He has served  in the past and is currently serving once again as Moderator of the Presbytery of Bangor. In addition, Chris served as Clerk to the General Synod (2013 to 2015) and Moderator of the General Synod (2015-2017) as well as serving (until 2017) on the denomination's General Purposes Committee. 

He is also, Minister-in-Charge at Ravara, near Ballygowan.

He is a Fellow of the Huguenot Society.

Chris is married to Sandra with three adult sons, as well as one daft collie-cross, 'Jess', and a rather bossy cat, 'Mr.Tibbs' !

In his spare (!) time, he does a little private tutoring (mainly 'A' level History) and some occasional part-time teaching as a Life-Long Learning Tutor at Stranmillis University College.  Chris is an active trade unionist and is currently (national) President of Voice - the Union for Education Professionals. He is also an active member of Community Union, serving as local Secretary for their Faith Worker's Branch.  He also enjoys reading the 'New Statesman' magazine to keep up with current affairs.

He'd love to hear from you, or just come round to the Manse!

Above is a recent picture after two adult baptisms in the our church.   Enquiries about adult baptism (for those who have never been baptised) are also very welcome at our growing church. Please just ask Rev Chris for further details, he'd be very pleased to hear from you.

Teenagers are very important in our church. We do our best to support them and to encourage them all to come to their own personal relationship with God. Above are some teenagers associated with our denomination relaxing after a social evening. This was organised by the denomination's Sunday School and Youth Committee, of which Rev Chris is Chair (that's  Rev Chris below, looking like a proper minister (but not as scary!)

Above are some of our 'willing helpers' at at a recent social event. Moneyreagh is a friendly church, which knows that the first job of a congregation is to congregate! Fun and fellowship, is a natural outworking of our shared faith. 

Below is a picture of 'The 'Ladybirds'. This is our  Ladies' Fellowship, shown here at one of their outings. This one was to the Titanic Centre in Belfast. Rev Chris was allowed to come along too!

Our church aims to be a family - One in Christ - whatever our background, whoever we are, we can all be one in love of God, and in service of humanity, after the example of Christ.

Above is Rev Chris with his sister Wendy and brother-in-law, Andy who came across from England to Northern Ireland for a visit. One of the Bibles was dedicated in memory of a loved family member. It was lovely to see them. Friends and family are always welcome here at Moneyreagh.

We also like to do all we can to support the local Youth Organizations. Below we have the leaders of the Scouts and Guides renewing their promises with the children and young people in their care at our church at a recent church service.

Our church continues to grow steadily. If you're looking for a church where you can think for yourself, why not come and visit. We'd love to see you.

Above and below is one of our social events. We know the first job of a congregation is to congregate and hold regular social events throughout the year. You'd be most welcome to join us! The food is good too!

Community Activities

We are members of Comber Churches Together,

and are pleased to work with all parts of the Christian family

We are pleased  to help local groups such as the Ulster Young Farmers, Scouts and Guides,

who often use our facilities, and are happy to receive requests to host Masonic Services.

We also have an active Sunday School and a growing Mums and Babies Club

(every Tuesday 10 am to 12 noon) in 'Old School', next to the Manse

Contact Rev Chris on 07729 178093 or email by clicking on 'contact'

'Do Justice. Love Kindness. Walk humbly with your God.'

Micah 6:8 (New Living Translation)

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